Hey all, Karma Senge here. And today in this episode I want to talk briefly about the direction and rebranding of this podcast.

So as you might have guessed by now, I am no longer doing this podcast with my partner Eddie. Eddie and I have mutually decided to go our separate ways and I wish him all the best.

So from this point on, the podcast will go from being called We Live Marketing, to the Karma Cashflow podcast.

Why Karma Cashflow?

Well, I decided to call it that because what I teach is all about Cashflow.

I Help Online Entrepreneurs To Create And Grow Recurring Passive Income (CashFlow) Strategies By Building Online Assets, Utilizing Email Marketing, Advertising, And Online Courses & Memberships.

My entire being does nothing but think about Cashflow.

And that wasn't always the case either.

For a LONG while, I was essentially trading hours for dollars. Even with online businesses. I had to work hard. And if I stopped working for even a day or two, I might not make any money at all.

But it's funny. Because even 20 years ago, I knew how much cashflow meant. And I worked hard to build an endless stream of cashflow.

But somewhere down the line, I forgot that.

And it wasn't until many MANY years later when I had an epiphany about it. I was driving through Louisiana going across the states on a trip, listening to a podcast when my head exploded with how ignorant I was being.

I had forgotten all about Cashflow.

Even though I was making a metric ton of money in my businesses, I was struggling all the time due to a complete lack of cashflow.

If I didn't work, I didn't make money. And then in an instant, I came back to reality and realized once again how important it was.

So from that point on, until today, everything I do, as far as business and investing is concerned, is in the direction of producing cashflow and semi-passive income.

Nothing else.

And that is also what I teach all my private client group as well.

And now I will continue to teach you everything I know about it.

So please stay tuned to the updated podcast, I am going to leave all the previous episodes with Eddie on here, because I feel it still gives a lot of value to you.

So thats about it, I really look forward to doing this for you, please subscribe to this podcast, and a nice testimonial would also be great and highly appreciated.

So until next time everyone, remember, you are just one Cashflow stream away from Financial Freedom!

Take care, bye bye now.

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Karma L. Senge has been in advertising, marketing and copywriting for over 20 years. He has built 7 companies into the 7 and 8-figures and loves sharing his knowledge of business, building endless streams of cashflow (passive income), money, productivity, marketing and advertising with others.

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