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A Better Way To Build Your Email List & Make More Sales Online.


Learn How To Build Your Email List & Make More Sales Online.

This May Be The Most Important Thing You Will Ever Read.

Now before I start this, let me say this...you want to stick around through this entire post right to the end. Trust me. It will be worth it to you.

So I got a question over on a live stream on my YouTube channel the other day that I thought was a great question that I could bring up here for everyone.

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So this question comes from Samual. And Samuel is just getting started with their business and asks....

​Hey Karma, from your experience, what is the best way to grow my email list? What kind of content should I provide to hook more subscribers? Thank you

Now, You know, when I first got started in online marketing I was told you had to have loads of things like:

  • Downloadable PDF's
  • Ebooks
  • Free Mini-Courses
  • etc. for you to send people to in order to build your list

Drive them all to a squeeze page and WHAM, you got their contact info...

And while I think those are all ok options, there is a better one in my opinion.

And I'll talk a bit more about what I feel is a much better way of building a list in just a little bit, so stick around.

Going back to these pdfs, ebooks and such. Like I said, they are all good options. 

Checklists are great. Resource sheets do well, and of course ebooks and stuff with great content also does well and I have had success with most of these.

In fact, the majority of my time building online businesses I have used all of these and still use these today.

BUT, slowly but surely I am leaving these things for a better method.

You see, all of these "baits" or lead magnets as they're called do one thing.

The ask for your contact information, without ever giving you value first.

They use scare tactics and scarcity, countdown timers, and loads of NLP and manipulation tactics in order to get the leads contact information to add them to their crappy email list in order to shove one sales pitch after another down their throats.

This way of doing things is NOT the best way in my opinion.

You know it's funny, I have known about this "new" way of doing things for nearly 6 years, and yet I still somehow use all these other lead magnets from the old way of things.

Even though I have personally seen with my own businesses as well as those of my private client group results with this new way that would shatter the analytics of the former.

Now, question, what do I mean by getting better results?

Do I mean getting more leads onto my email list?

Let me put things this way...

Lets take the old way of doing things for example.

Let's say I have a free ebook that I am wanting to trade for someones contact information. (Similar to how I have one that you can grab right now in the sidebar and down at the bottom of this page).

So I put out a landing page for someone to drop in and get their contact details for this lead magnet.

And let's say I get 1000 people running to it, and I collect 251 names and emails from that traffic.

Pretty good right.

That is a 25% conversion rate right there.

Now let's say I try things this "new way" (which I promise I will get to exactly what it is in a minute).

Same 1000 people that come, but this time the end result is....only 87 names and email address collected.

Which is better?

The answer....it depends.

It depends on what you are after.

You see, there is more QUANTITY of leads in the 1st way of doing things.

But the QUALITY of leads in the new way is like 10,000 times better.

This is an exact scenario that played out about a year or so ago.

I tried both of these two different ways of collecting leads.

Once they were on my list both sets of leads went through a standard 5-Day SOS (Soap-Opera Sequence) and then immediately into a Product Launch Sequence.

Soap Opera Sequence

Soap Opera Sequence

The people that came in on the first model of having a traditional landing page and then downloading our lead magnet, less than 1% of people actually purchased out product in the Product Launch Sequence.

Now you can say of something is wrong with the PLS. But wait....

So with Model 1

251 people left their contact information

And only 2 people purchased the product.

With Model 2 "The new way"

87 people left their contact information

And a staggering 39 people purchased what we had to offer.

Same sequence...same product.

Same everything after the point where they left their contact info.

That's a 45% purchase rate

Have I got your attention now?

So method 1 we'll say is pushing people, maybe even against their will to give you their contact info.

Method 2 is pulling them toward you.

It's not about talking to everyone. It's actually the opposite. 

Your goal, almost, is to repel most people so that only the people that sign up to your list are those that are so drawn in like a bee to honey.

You speak to them on a different level. They are so drawn in that they nearly HAVE TO sign up.

They are practically compelled to.

Not because of some freebie you are promising them, but because of the ATTRACTION to higher-value further down the rabbit hole.

I learned this method right from André Chaperon in his course Sphere of Influence.

What you are essentially doing, is providing value Up front.

Instead of waiting to provide any real value until after they opt in, you are giving them value without ever asking for it in the first place. At least for a bit.

I typically will have a string of pages (typically around 4-5) that I provide them with insane amount of value and really try my best to get them a bunch of quick wins.

Actionable advice that they can use no matter if they sign up or not.

On the final page I have a small button that will pop up a contact form that they can fill out.

For the people that actually get to the final page....what percentage do you think sign up?




Would you believe me if I told you 91%.

Yes, for those people that actually made it to the final page, NOT the total amount of people that landed on the first page, but the last page, 91% of those people gave us their email address.

It's insane the impact you can have on a person should you just choose to provide value to them before asking for anything in return.

And the impact you can have on your own business.

I myself am implementing this more and more every day. And eventually will completely phase out the other way of doing things.

And I think you need to as well.


Here is what I want you to do to, set something like this up. Create 3 pages with a tremendous amount of value for your prospects. Focus on helping and solving a very specific problem that you can get them a quick win on.

Then on the last page create a button or a form asking them (with no high pressure sales tactics) to subscribe for more.

Do things this way, And I promise you, it wont be a fair fight.

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