It’s “Live”…Sort Of

Well....I did it.

Not by choice, by accident.

Im talking about pre-releasing my course "The Cashflow Engine" unintentionally.

My course "technically" is still in the beta test stage right now, but somehow I accidentally sent out the emails and started selling my course on Black Friday (of all days).

My course was not to be released until next year, but while working in ConvertKit (my email marketing software of choice) I accidentally added a group of my email subscribers to an automation sequence and didn't even realize I did it until it was done.

Sending a group of emails to a segment of my awesome peeps (like yourself).

All of a sudden Friday night I started getting emails (and texts) of people purchasing my course.

I was like "Oh no" and went screaming back home to figure it all out.

I had been at the park with the fam.

When I got home I saw what I had done.....after about 2 hours trying to figure it out.

One simple little mistake of adding the WRONG tag to an automation and.....well.....made some money. lol

I guess it is not all bad. I did make money and some really stellar clients got access to my course, but because it was unintentional, it really bothered me.

I am the type of person that likes to plan WAY ahead of time and make everything perfect.

I don't like to make mistakes.

But yo know what....we all do it.

Even someone like myself that has been doing this for YEARS screws up some times.

Sometimes waking up to a massive loss and sometimes (like this time) making money.

But either way, I messed up.

Point is, mess ups happen.

It is inevitable that you will screw something up.

But at least you DID something.

Most people fail because they never actually get started doing what they wanted to do in the first place.

They "Failed to Launch".

Don't let that happen to you.

I want you to actually BE successful.

I want you to have that dream life I know you want.

But you have to go out there and actually DO something.

Don't worry about making mistakes. Like I said, they WILL happen at some point.

You just have to roll with it when it does.

So do me a big favor....get out there and make some things happen to better your life.

Karma "Mistakes Happen" Cashflow


Since I royally screwed up and accidentally gave some people the chance to purchase my Cashflow Engine course, I thought it was only fair to offer it to everyone.

So there is a link below.

BUT, I want you to keep in mind this course is not complete yet.

It is only around 50% complete.

But when you actually get the course now, you will also get LIFETIME updates to the course.

You will never have to pay for an upgraded course. You will get it for free, for signing up now.

Also, you will be able to give your feedback on the course as well since we are still in beta. you will be able to shape the course itself.

I plan on the course being completed by the end of year (less than 30-days).

So since it is still in beta, I will be giving a discounted rate on the course. So if you are interested, check out the link below.

Click Here To Check Out The Cashflow Engine Course

And if now is not the right time to get it, that is cool too. I am just thankful for your attention and trust.

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