Passive Income vs Active Income, Which Is Better?

Which is better....passive income or active income?

Passive Income

End Blog Post.







Ok, maybe I will say a few MORE words than just that.

To be honest, for me, it could be that simple.

But let me break everything down for everyone else.

What is the real differences between the two???


Active income is income that you generate through actively working for it.

That could mean you have a typical 9 to 5 J.O.B. , or maybe you are a sales guy working at a car lot earning a commission.

Whatever your job is, you are actively working to get paid.

Compare this to...


Passive income is on the opposite site of the spectrum from active income.

Passive income is income that comes in that we didn't necessarily have to bust our butts for.

Maybe we set up a t-shirt store, designed a few shirts once, put them up, and then 6 months later, someone finds it and buys one of your shirts.

That money that came in (and could potentially come in month after month, day after day), is passive income.

Personally, I would MUCH rather have passive income that I set things up initially, and then get paid over and over for the same work I did, than to have to try and go out and make money (active income) by working over and over again.

No thank you active income.....yuck.🤮

Now I know that there are a ton of people out there that don't even think that passive income even exist. "It's not real!"

And while even I say that a lot of the time, what I am generally referencing is that 100% passive income, the type where you never have to do anything, and get paid forever, that type doesn't exist.

The type of passive income that does exist is the type that you build in the beginning, Create it, shape it, work hard at it, and THEN it pays you back for years to come.

But let me say this as well...

...There will ALWAYS, be something for you to work on with it.

Maybe it is just checking on your paid advertisements.

Or maybe you have to write a new blog post once a month.

But whatever it is, you will have to do something at some point to keep it moving forward.

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