23 SECRETS To Help You Make Money Online, FAST!

The Dirty Little Secrets The "Goo-Roos" Don't Tell You About!

In this post, I am going to share with you my top 23 Secrets to help you make money online.

If you heed these words, you WILL make money online, I have no doubt.

But if you don't, no amount of work you put into your thingamajiger will make it successful.

So with that, let's get started.

In no particular order:

Tip #1 - Be Consistent

Consistency was the very first thing I thought of when I was going to write this post. No matter what you do, you need to be consistent at it if you ever want a hope of making epic money online.

If you are a blogger and you opt to publish a post 2 times per week, then you should publish 2 posts per week religiously for at least a couple of years.

Same with YouTube, or Facebook, or whatever.

Every aspect of your business should be consistent and reliable.

If every week you could go to the store and they Give you $1,000 just for showing up, I bet my money that you would show up even if you were sick.

Your business is no different. Show up...Be consistent.

Tip #2 - Don't Be Afraid To Use Advertising

I can not tell you how many people I have talked to that are outright TERRIFIED of spending even the smallest amount of money to advertise there business. Both online businesses, and brick and mortar businesses.

It's insane to me.

If you know your customers well (which you should), and you have a great offer, then advertising can EASILY bring in a metric ton more revenue into the business.

Even if your ads suck, if you are targeting the right people and have an amazing offer, you will sell your stuff.

Don't be afraid of using advertising. You can easily make a 2 to 1 return or more on your money. Last month alone I did over 480% for just one of my businesses.

Even spending $1 per day can help and build your confidence.

And for those of you that say you don't have even $1 to spend on advertising, go right now and read Tip #20.

Tip #3 - Analyze EVERYTHING, Then Adjust

Making money online is a business. NOT a hobby.

Hobbies TAKE money from us, a business (if done correctly) puts money IN our pockets.

And in a business, you need to analyze everything, so you can make the proper decisions in order to grow the business and make it better.

I personally analyze everything going on in my business.

From how many people visit my website, to tracking sales and advertising costs, to analyzing my own costs.

I track and analyze everything.

After I look at my data, I can then make any adjustments to my plan and execution strategies in order to make things better.

Do > Analyze > Adjust

Tip #4 - Know Your Customer Better Than They Know Themselves

Do you think you know your customers? Do you think you REALLY know them well?

Chances are, you don't.

Nearly 10 out of 10 small business owners I talk with have no real clue who their true target market really is.

All of them THINK they know their audiences, but few actually do.

In my course "The Cashflow Engine", I actually dedicate an entire chapter to just this.

I have actually been told that these 15 lessons alone in the course are 1000 times more valuable than 99% of other entire courses out there.

Just one of these videos can completely change your business.

And it is only one section in the course. Let alone the rest.

If you don't know your target market incredibly well, you will NOT be successful in your business. Period!

You need to know everything about them, not just demographic data either.

Most people think it is just getting info like:

- 80% male
- Lives in the United States
- Married
- Some College
- 2.3 children

...This type of stuff.

And while that information is ok to have, it won't help you sell a thing.

There are other important things you need to know like...

Psychographics and Behavioral.

Tip #5 - DON'T Diversify

How many times have you heard the "Goo-Roos" tell you that multiple streams of income is what you should be looking for. It is the "holy grail" of money stuff?

If I had just 10 cents for every time I heard one of them talk about building multiple streams of income I could buy a Ferrari with that money.

But the fact of the matter is...

...you should NOT be looking to build multiple streams of income.

You should NOT be building multiple businesses.

You SHOULD be "ALL IN" on the one you are doing right now.

I have made tens of millions of dollars in my life.

I am not telling you this to brag, only to make a point.

But because I have made so much money, it has led me to also getting to know some of the wealthiest people on the planet.

My top 20 people and friends that I hang out with all have a net worth of at least $50 million.

And I can tell you this, not one of them diversified their time and energy away from there #1 business for another.

At least not for a long while until they had made millions.

Only when your first business is super successful and you have made more money then you know what to do with, then and only then should you focus on a new project.

Loosing your focus off one business for another will result in 2 (or more) businesses being mediocre at best. And most likely both failing miserably.

Tip #6 - Eliminate, Automate & Delegate

You can't do everything, nor should you even try.

Any time I have things come into my inbox, it goes through a process first.

It all starts with the Eizenhower Matrix.

I first ask myself is whatever it is urgent or not urgent?

And then is it important or unimportant?

Then I figure out if I can Eliminate and get rid of it immediately. If I can, it's gone. If not...

I try and figure out if it is something I can automate. This only works if it is something that recurs.

If not, if it is a one time thing, there is no point in going through the process of setting up an automation for it.

If I can't automate it, I then try and delegate whatever it is. Is it something I can have someone else do for me so my time can be spent better off somewhere else?

But if I can not Eliminate it, I can't automate it, nor can I delegate it, then I schedule a time to do it.

Tip #7 - Have A Plan & Strategy, Not Just Tactics

So many people I know that are trying to make money online are out there using the latest and "greatest" tactics that these "Goo-Roos" are selling.

Yesterday it was funnels. Today it is Tik Tok videos. Tomorrow it will be something else.

All the while you are running around from one thing to another, never getting ahead. Never making money.

While the good old "Goo-Roos" are making money off of you buying there stuff on the latest tactics.

You need a plan & STRATEGY....not just tactics.

A plan and strategy are essential.

Tip #8 - Know Yourself & What YOU Like To Do

If you'd like to write, then write a blog.

If you'd like to be in front of a camera do youtube.

Do what you like so that you will be consistent in doing it.

Again, consistency is key (Tip #1).

You have to know what you like to do. If you prefer not to be on camera, but find talking ok, then do something like Podcasting.

My good friend Pat Flynn actually has an entire course on podcasting called "Power-Up Podcasting". It is truly an amazing course.

Point is...if you don't like doing what you are doing, you won't continue doing it when the going gets tough. When you're fighting with your schedule. When your kids are sick.

You need to be consistent with what you do. And date only way you can do that is if you do what you like.

Tip #9 - Making Money Online Can Be Tough

Yes....making money online is a journey that can take a while of very hard work in order to see any profits.

MOST Guru's out there will never tell you this.

Don't give Up - You got this.

You CAN do it. But it is tough.

Especially when you are in a tough, competitive niche.

But even then, you can do it.

Just keep pushing forwards.

Tip #10 - Your #1 Goal Should Be To Build Your Email List

No matter what business you are doing....whether it is online or offline, your main goal should always be to build your email list.

If you are one of the many people that choose only to build your following on a social platform like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Or Even Pinterest...

...What happens when that social platform decides to ban you all of a sudden for no reason at all?

This happens ALL THE TIME. To good, hard working, non scammy people.

You instantly lose the ability to communicate with your audience that you worked so hard to grow.

This happens all the time, and hurts you because you don't own the platform.

You don't own your audience or their attention.

But, there is great news...If you have there email address and name (by building your email list) you OWN that information.

Now, no matter what your social platforms do, you can still communicate with your audience.

You can still SELL to your audience.

You can still MAKE MONEY with your audience.

You are not dead in the water, having to start over again.

This really SUX............ask me how I know. lol

I 100% recommend to everyone that they should sigh up for ConvertKit (which is free to start) to build their email lists.

ConvertKit is the best email automation software out there. You can use it for just about everything.

It is truly amazing and my #1 tool.

So again, your number one goal....build your email list NOW.

Tip #11 - Optimize For Mobile

I think this part is pretty self explanatory. But I will say a bit here anyways.

No matter what website you have, or what landing page you design, always design and optimize it for mobile FIRST.

95% of all traffic coming to your stuff is going to be coming from people on their phones.

Plain and simple.

So everything you build has to look and behave beautifully on a mobile phone.

Most people build all their stuff on a desktop. Which that is fine.

What is not fine, is building your pages or blog posts on a desktop only to look good on a desktop.

Build for mobile. Then once it looks good on a phone, then and only then do you also make it look good on a desktop and tablet.

Tip #12 - DON'T Focus On Making Money

Way to many people I know focus all their attention on making money in their business.

And while this is ok, it should not be your main focus.

Money is a byproduct of doing other things well.

The most important thing you need to really focus on is...

Tip #13 - Provide VALUE

I think Gary Vee had it 100% correct in hit book "Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook".

It is all about providing VALUE first.

If you provide your audience (your potential customers) enough value and SHOW THEM how you can help them....by actually helping them, you will never need to worry about making money.

It will just come provided you really can help them solve there problems and get them the results they are after.

Imagine you created a course about weight loss for a minute.

You also have a YouTube channel (and email list) where you provide an insane amount of value and help people achieve results rapidly.

If they are getting results with free content, and then see you have a course where they can get even better results, faster, they are much more likely to purchase.

But it all starts with providing real value that actually gets them results.

Tip #14 - Perfect Your Offer

Perfecting your offer Means your offer NEEDS to be Irresistible.

1. You have to know exactly who you are talking to (See Tip 4).


2. You also have to provide OVERWHELMING VALUE: Worth a minimum of 10x what you are asking for it.

Perfecting your offer Is about getting your potential customer to understand what you have to offer, in a way that they KNOW that your thingamajig can help them solve their issue(s).

Most people just throw a product out there without ever truly understanding what their customers need or want, just because THEY have a "bright idea" and want to make money.

That is not the way.

If you are targeting the right audience, you have a great offer, and your thing can actually help them, you will sell more than you ever thought possible.

Tip 15 - Don't Try And Do Everything

Here I am not referring to diversification like in Tip 5. I am actually referring to all those people trying to be everywhere on social on all the various platforms.

One-man operations where they try and post 5 times per day on Facebook, 10 times on TikTok, 3 times on Instagram, 5 Times on Pinterest, a video per day on YouTube, then go off to write a blog post, and post over on LinkedIn, then, go over on Clubhouse to chat.


That is WAY too many things for one person to be doing on a day to day basis.

While you CAN do it, you really shouldn't.

What you SHOULD be doing is picking

* ONE platform to post content
* ONE Platform to be social on
* And ONE platform to market that stuff on.

No more.

Don't try and be everywhere at the start. You will only get burned out...fast. Then you will have nothing left and wont be consistent (Tip #1).

Tip #16 - Ruthlessly Gather Testimonials

One thing I did not do early on, which I regret to this day, is not gathering every testimony that I could get for my businesses.

I always thought that the testimonies would come so long as I did my job well.

Unfortunately things don't work that way.

Today, I ruthlessly ask everyone that I have helped and gotten results from for a testimonial.

And I will take it in any format they are willing to provide it in.

Text. Video. Audio.

I don't care.

Video is best, but I will take it however.

The reason I will take it however I can get it is because, let's say I only want video testimonials...But the client hates being on camera.

Then I won't get that testimonial.

Simple as that.

And I WANT that testimonial.

And I will ask repeatedly, in different ways, to get it.

You want as many as you can, to show others that your stuff can actually get results.

It's what we call social proof.

You should also track how many people you help.

Tip #17 - We Are Building Assets

Every single email we write, landing page we build, course we create, email address we collect, video we publish, blog post we release....is an asset.

We are in the business of creating ASSETS, and multiplying capital.

The more assets we have (naturally), the more potential we have of making more money.

This is no difference between what we are doing here online, or real estate investing.

Build more assets = Make more money.

Tip #18 - Build Routines & Micro-Habits

Unless you have a method that can keep you productive and on track, no matter what you are trying to build, will never reach its true potential.

This is where building daily routines and habits come into play.

If you build these habits and routines, even when things get tough, and you maybe don't even want to get up in the morning, your habits and routines will keep you going.

You need to maintain your focus and drive if you want to make money online.

I highly recommend the book Atomic Habits by James Clear. It will help you greatly.

Tip #19 - Focus On The System

Generally speaking, when we start building online businesses we tend to start focusing on the wrong things.

We focus on things like,

...how many likes you got on your posts

...how much money we made last month

...how many people visited our website last week


While all that is good to track, those are what we consider to be "lagging indicators".

You don't know if you hit whatever until afterwards.

Those things are easy to track, but very difficult to adjust in time.

What you need to focus on is the system and processes. What we consider "Leading Indicators".

Focus on what you are actually doing right now, and the outcome you want will just happen.

Tip #20 - It DOES Cost Money To Play

Boy oh boy where do I start with this one.

Business cost money, PERIOD.

Don't think for even a second you are going to do this with $0 out of pocket.

People that are unwilling to spend any amount of money on their business or education drive me nuts.

They think they can game the system and make a ton of money without spending any.

It's not going to happen.

Software you need to run your business costs money.

Education (the GOOD kind) costs money.

Advertising (See Tip 2) costs money.

Attorneys (if needed) costs money.

You are going to have to spend money if you want to have a shred of hope to make it online.

Tip #21 - Your "Whatever" Should Solve A Problem

Like I have talked about already a tiny bit here and there in this article...your product (whatever that is) should solve a problem.

Don't put together a course, or build a membership, or whatever simply because it is something YOU want to put out there in the world.

It round help solve a problem for someone. Or help someone achieve a certain result.

NOT just be something you want to sell in order to make money.

Tip #22 - Relationships Before Transactions.

Like the great André Chaperon says, "Treat everyone like a customer regardless if money has changed hands."

Building our online passive income businesses is all about creating long lasting relationships with others.

NOT about taking their money.

I will always try and help others out, even if they don't give me a cent.

This also does not mean I give everything away for free either.

So if I have a course, like my Cashflow Engine course that I have, it doesn't mean I will just give that away for free.

But I will help someone (to a point) without money ever changing hands.

Tip #23 - Money Management Matters

Ok, so you know your audience, you have an amazing offer, and a KILLER product. And now you are making MONEY.

Now what?

Do you spend all of the profits buying vacations? Watches? Handbags? Cars? Massages?

Do you invest it?

If so, how much do you invest?

How much do you put into growing your business? How much do you keep?

What are the things you should now spend the money on?

Money Management is what separates the armatures from the professionals.

Without GOOD money management, your business WILL Fail.

So make sure you have a good system and stick with it.


So there you have it, 23 Tips to help you have the best online passive income business you can possibly have.

Do YOU have any tips you would like to share?

Until Next Time,
Karma Cashflow

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