The #1 Rule Of Making Money From Home

We are living in a time right now where we have a LOT of people working from home.

More people than ever before.

And with everyone being home, a lot of people are considering starting their own home based businesses.

Starting your own home-based business, in my opinion, is an AWESOME idea!

If you ever want to have a hope of getting out of the "Rat Race" like Robert T. Kiyosaki talks about in his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad; you need to start right NOW.

But no matter what you choose do from home, you need to have ONE main rule that encompasses everything you do from this point on.

And that is to be consistent!

If you ever want a hope of making epic money online that is.

If you are a blogger and you opt to publish a post 2 times per week, then you should publish 2 posts per week religiously for at least a couple of years.

Same with YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, or whatever.

Every aspect of your business should be consistent and reliable.

If every week you could go to the store and they Give you $1,000 just for showing up, I bet my money that you would show up even if you were sick.

Even if you were on the freaking brink of death you would be there! lol 😂

Your business is no different.

Consistency in your business is far more important that you can imagine.

It IS the key to success in business.

Being consistent allows you to establish awareness.

And it helps you to build trust and authority.

Without it, your business is more likely to fail.

Be Consistent In Your Publishing

Are you a blogger?

Maybe you are a Youtuber.

A podcast host?

A social media influencer?

Doesn't really matter.

No matter what you choose to produce content on, you need to be consistent at it.

If you have a typical 9 to 5 J.O.B, how would your boss feel about you sometimes showing up for work?

Maybe you get bored one week and decide "You know what, I don't think I will go into work this week."

Or maybe it is raining out, and you don't want to get your feet wet, so you decide you won't head into the office this morning.

Would your boss still trust you?

Would you still have a job?

Probably no on both accounts.

So WHY is consistency in your own business any different?

I myself struggle with this from time to time.

I am the same as you.

I have moments in time where I don't feel like writing another blog post. Or doing another video. Or creating another Pinterest post.

But it's my job to do those things. I HAVE TO do them. Just like if I worked for someone else.

When you decide on what type of content you will be producing. You need to be consistent in publishing it.

A content calendar works really really well for this.

You can download one here from my good friend Pat Flynn.

Set a schedule of exactly when you will publish your stuff.

And no matter what happens.... sickness, death in the family, rain & hail, blown engine in your car, or you are out of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal....whatever... your content still comes out on time.

Publish, Publish, Publish.

Be Consistent In Your Marketing & Advertising

You must also be consistent in your marketing and advertising efforts.

I have seen countless times people running ads on Facebook for a week or two, only for them to quit because for that brief period of time, they didn't see the results they were hoping for.

Or they post a message or two on LinkedIn about there new blog post only for them to quit doing it after their 5th blog post.

Marketing and advertising (the how you get people to visit and check out your content) is extremely important.

If you don't consistently do this, how are people going to find your content?

You really think GOOGLE is just going to throw people at you just because you feel your content is awesome sauce?

Don't count on it.

Just ask the MILLIONS of bloggers and YouTube channel producers with next to ZERO people checkeding out their content.

Thanks Gooogle. (That was complete sarcasm there btw)

Don't rely on anyone to throw you fans. Go out there and get them yourself.

If the big "G" decides to throw you a bone and send you some traffic, that is a bonus.

That's the dessert, not the main course. YOU (Your marketing and advertising efforts) are the main course.

So get to it already.

Be Consistent In Analyzing & Tracking

This might actually be the #1 most inconsistent aspect of small business owners and those trying to make money from home.

It's analyzing and tracking.

Statistics help us decide what is the best choice for the given situation.

It helps us know if we are even moving on the right direction.

Without it, our business and income will fall stagnant.

You should be tracking EVERYTHING in your business.

* How many people are visiting your website
* Where they are from
* How many clicks are your ads receiving per day
* Where are you spending the most time in your business
* How many people subscribed to your email list today
* Are you seeing a return on your Ad Spend
* How many people watched your new YouTube video since it was released
* How many words did you write today for your new blog post
* Etc.

I could literally go on and on.

But hopefully you get my point.

You meet to track it all.

Once you are tracking everything, you need to start analyzing the information.

Things will start to stand out.

You will start seeing patterns and will then have to make choices to continue doing whatever it is, or stop those things.

Maybe you notice that one type of video you are producing just doesn't resonate with your audience.

But you would not have known that had you not tracked and looked at the data.

See where I am going with this?

Be Consistent In Being Consistent

This might be a bit meta...

But you need to be consistent...with being consistent.

You can't start being consistent with everything we have talked about, only to then stop being consistent.

Everything you want in life, is just on the other side or this line.

The consistency line, if you will.

Show up...Be consistent.

Then have everything you could have ever hoped for.

Until Next time,
Karma Cashflow

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