What To Do When YOUR Business Has Problems!

Every business that I know of has its share of problems from one thing or another.

Sometimes it could be a calculation error to everything going wrong in the business.

My businesses recently had a whole bunch of problems.

I had a hacker attack my actual online web server.

I had 11 websites completely and utterly DESTROYED. 

Including all my emails on those websites, databases, the websites and webpages themselves, and even my back ups.

Yes I had some other back ups available off of my server, but most them were held on my server in a special folder for back ups.

For the most part I had to completely redo and re-create 11 separate websites from scratch.

These 11 website are where I make 95% of all of my income.

I needed to get them fixed...and fixed FAST!

Things will go wrong at some point in your business. You cannot stop that.

If it can happen to me, it will happen to you too.

You just have to deal with them as they come along.

Plan on things happening, and figure out how you will deal with it again in the future.

Yes, there are some unforeseeable things that will happen, like what happened to me. But that is rare.

Here are some things for you to consider

What if:

  • Someone wants a refund? How will you handle it?
  • Your payment processor decides to drop you for whatever reason? How will you then take payments?
  • What if your account is frozen? How will you still conduct business?
  • What if your website is hacked? Do you have backups (OFFSITE)? 😉
  • What if you just don't want to "do it" anymore? How will you deal with your customers? Where will your income come from now?
  • What if you have a partner that steals your business right out from under you? (Happened to me)
  • Etc.

Again, there are a lot of things to think about. This is just a small list.

But even a small hiccup in your business can result in hundreds, thousands, and even potentially millions of dollars lost.

I know I can not afford to just lose that money. I don't care if it is even one cent.

Like Warren Buffett says:

RULE #1: Don't lose Money.

RULE #2: Remember Rule #1.

So if you don't have a strategy to fix these problems FAST, you will be breaking Warren's #1 rule.

....Don't break Warren's Rules.


He will come after you in your dreams if you do.

Lol....kidding. 😁


Seriously though, like I said before, you need to be aware that things can AND WILL go wrong at some point.

Have a plan, and execute it quickly.

Learn from my mistakes!

What problems have you had in your business, or are currently having in your business?

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