Why Writing Is So Important For Making Money Online

In your business, writing is EVERYTHING.

Now let me back this statement up a bit.

Most people assume that when I am writing notes, or a blog post, or whatever, that I am naturally jotting down whatever thoughts are in my head.

But really....that's not entirely accurate.

By me writing, I am actually thinking. Yes, my writing itself is me thinking.

"Writing IS Thinking!"

I quite literally don't even know what I know until I start writing.

Before I do anything, writing comes First.

Let me give you an example that is something other than writing a blog post like this one.

YouTube Videos

Before I even think of turning on the camera, setting up my lights, or opening my mouth, I need to write an outline or a script of some sort.

I NEED to sort out what I am going to say before I go "live".

If I don't, I will not have a very good idea about what it is that I want to speak about.

And for me, I need a lot of detail.

So even my "outlines" (bullet points) are quite extensive.

Boardering on scripts.

But I just don't read them verbatim.

And then, depending on what I am talking about, I might use a script and read it word for word.

But this is rare.


Before, during, AND after a consultation, I am taking notes and jotting down my thoughts.

During a consult, I am asking a lot of questions, and writing down responses to those questions.

And other thoughts I have at them time.

After the meeting is finished, I continue writing my thoughts about what we talked about.

Trying to distill the information down to a concise text.

And then prior to the next consult, I am writing out my thoughts about what I want to cover and talk about with them that day.

Figuring out what questions I should be asking...

Path we should be taking....


It all comes down to writing.


And when I talk about writing being everything.....email comes front and center.

Building your email list should be your #1 priority in your online business.


And with email comes a LOT of writing.

Email after email.

It never stops.

I currently have (in just one of my businesses) over 18,000 emails set up in various sequences and automations.

Going to all types of segmented lists and tagged individuals.

It can get a bit nuts sometimes. 😂 lol

I don't tell you this to scare you. But to just show you that writing emails doesn't stop.

Email is where I make most of my money.

So I will continue writing emails until the day email dies.

But as you can see.

Everything starts with writing.

Everything I do involves me writing a lot.

It helps me think, and it shapes what I think.


I want to challenge you to write something every single day for the next 90 days.

Yes....90 DAYS!

I want writing to become part of your daily routine.

Let writing become HOW you think.

You will find that you will begin to need to write.

And don't cop out saying "Ooo...I don't like writing." Or "I'm not good at writing" or some other nonsense.

Want to make a metric ton of money? Then you have to do things sometimes that you don't 100% enjoy.

Want to make a metric ton of money? Then write. ⬅️

Talk Soon,
Karma Cashflow

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