Why I Love Affiliate Marketing

- And Why You Should Too

In my personal opinion, Affiliate marketing is my number ONE most favorite way to make money online And is the BEST for those getting started making money on the interwebs.

Think about it like this...

You don't have to spend time creating any products, courses, or anything...

You don't have to manage any merchandise...

You don't have to hire anyone, or manage employees...

You don't have to do any customer service...


Yes, it really is that amazing.

I "sell" tons of things, and not one of them I created.

Yes I do sell my own stuff as well, but 80% of my income is for stuff I didn't have to come up with.

It's essentially stuff I simply recommend to others.

I make money off of someone else's stuff.

You can consider it like a commission sales job, per say.

A car salesman neither designed the car, manufactured the car, nor even owns the car.

But if he sells it, he makes money from it.

All he is doing is finding out what the potential customer is looking for and he recommends something on the lot.

If they buy, he gets paid.

THAT is Affiliate Marketing.

And I LOVE it.

Getting Set Up Is Easy Peasy

To start making money in affiliate marketing you simply need 2 main things...

1. To find a product / service that you like and you would like to recommend to others.


2. Find an audience willing to listen to you that wants what you have to recommend, and point them in the right direction to purchase.

Simple, Right?

Well...there is a bit more to the story than that.

Let's break things down a bit.

Find Products & Services

Now before you go out and try to find anything and everything to shove down everyone's throats that you THINK will make you a buck...try and start with things you already use and love.

I see so many people going to places like CJ, or Clickbank, & ShareaSale and more looking for any product they think they can peddle.


It's fine and dandy to go on those sights looking for specific things you use or have used in the past. But do not just grab any old thing and try and market it.

The things you are recommending to others is just that...a recommendation.

People are going to be looking up to you.

And if you are trying to market crap you have never even thought about using in your life just to make a sale, people will see right through that and stop buying what you recommend.

Here is an example:

You here me all the time talk about how much a love ConvertKit.

I write and talk about it endlessly.

And I am always recommending it to others.

I actually USE ConvertKit. And think it is the BEST email automation system out there for businesses like ours.

So I tell people about it.

People will go get it because I talked about it and recommend it to them, and 99% of people that get it, love it too.

So what do you think will happen to the people who love it, the next time I recommend something???

I bet you they will be much more open to check out the next thing I offer up.

But what if I recommend something like......(sounds like smasheneticts) Don't want to actually say the name. 😉

But this product (which is kind of similar to ConvertKit) is TERRIBLE.

If I would have just seen this available and recommended it thinking I am going to make a bunch of money from it, It could literally bring my entire business crashing down around me.

People would hate it.

Then blame ME for them getting it because they believed my recommendation.

THIS is how affiliate marketers lose. And it comes the rest of ur a bad name.

I don't recommend anyone to do this sort of thing.

And if you are doing this type stuff now....it's not too late for you. Just stop doing it now and read on.

Find Your Audience

This part can be a bit tricky.

You need to put yourself out there.

All the time.

Whether it is putting out videos on YouTube, or writing on a blog like this one. Or doing the whole TikTok and Insta type stuff, you need to be a creator.

You need to put content out all the time.

And if you can be consistent with it, that works even better.

Marketing Your Content

Now...once you are putting out content, you need to let people know about your content.

Just because you put something out there, doesn't mean people will magically find your stuff and go ga ga over it.

This also doesn't mean for you to go out and spam Facebook groups and forums, Reddit, and more with you trying to tell people about your content.

It is about legitimately going out and properly promoting your work.

Now I am not going to get into this in this particular post, because that is not the aim of this post.

For more info on marketing your content, please check around my other blog posts and videos on YouTube.

NOTE: You can also use paid advertising (one of my favs) for getting your content out there.

Either way, you HAVE TO get peoples attention and point them towards your stuff.


Affiliate marketing is truly not that complicated.

Now notice I didn't say it was "easy".

It is "simple". But it takes a metric ton of work to do and do well.

If you are just getting started in making money online, I recommend doing affiliate marketing first.

And if you already have an online biz, I would recommend trying to find a way to incorporate affiliate marketing into your current business model.

Until Next time,
Karma Cashflow

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