Is Blogging Right For You?

"Hey Karma, Just wondered what your take on blogging was? I know you blog and have a YouTube channel, but do you think blogging is for everyone? I honestly can't stand sitting for hours writing, but at the same time i have heard from many sources that say blogging can make you a lot of money. What do you think?


This is a great question Matt. I really appreciate you taking the time to reach out to me.

If you would also like your questions answered, And maybe even a post written on the blog answering your question (like this one), you can email me at

So...Is blogging for you?


You know, I am very odd in a lot of ways, I can easily sit through a 4 hour lecture on the most boring stuff imaginable and be perfectly attentive and fascinated by the topic, and I can also sit for days without moving, writing.

But for some, like you probably, can't do that.

Now, I DO think everyone should have a blog.

But you don't necessarily have to "WRITE" your blog posts.

I have a friend who has a blog on photography And while he loves photography and is super passionate about it, he hates writing.

He couldn't stand spending 5 minutes writing without going nuts. Trust me, I have seen him go nuts just trying to write a simple email. Let alone a blog post.

So what he does instead is he records his blog post in audio format with the voice recorder on his iPhone and then has it transcribed and edited with

Rev is awesome and I have used in many times myself.

There is also and which I have also used and works just as well.

I love them all.

These are great alternatives to having to sit there ant write.

You simply record yourself either on video or just your voice, send it in, and within an hour or two you get it back in perfectly formatted text.

At this point you can do a little editing on it to format it the way you want it and then publish it.

It literally can be that simple.

But what if I studder or have a ton of verbal pauses?

This is not a problem.

Have you ever heard me speak LIVE?

If not, go check out my YouTube channel.

I have a TON of verbal pauses.

Those are the "ahs" "ums" and "ands" that we all say when we are thinking.

My brain goes WAY faster than my mouth.

But with transcription services like Rev, they will remove those tiny bits and clean it up.

Blogging For Money

While blogging CAN make you a lot of money, please keep in mind that the majority of bloggers never make more than $50-$100 per month.

Yes it CAN take off and make you a ton, if you work it and KNOW how to work it.

But in my opinion, if you are blogging to "make money" you are doing it for the wrong reasons anyways.

I blog not to make money. But to help people get ahead and really learn this stuff.

It's my way of giving back.

If I make money from my blog (which I do), then great. That is just extra.

But even if I don't, that's great too. I will still publish my thoughts for others to read.

I have another blogger friend that EASILY makes $50k+ per month from his blog.

And he has his wife take care of all the finances so he doesn't get distracted my the money. He literally doesn't even care of he makes a dime.

His wife is a high level accountant and makes more than enough money to sustain their lifestyle.

He only cares about putting out information his readers want.

Let's be hypothetical here for a second.

Let's say that you start your blog with the hopes you are going to knock it out of the park and make a ton of money.

So you start writing and by 20 posts in, you are not making anything. You get discouraged.

You push on....30 post...then 40.

Still no money coming in.

If you started your blog only to make money, you would be quitting right about then.

But, if you started your blog to help others learn something, or maybe your blog is just your diary that you put out into the world, then it doesn't matter if you make money from it or not.

If you do, then that is just icing on the cake.

So again, please, Please, PLEASE start a blog and put it out there in the world. AND let people know about it.

But please, Please, PLEASE don't only do it for the money.

Like I said before, yes it is possible..even probable. But it might not.

Keep that in mind.

Until next time.
Karma Cashflow

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