Passive Income Success Formula

Would you like to know the ONLY formula that you will ever need to be successful in making passive income online?

This is not a joke or gimmick either.

I can all but guarantee your results if you follow this super simple formula.

But before I tell you what that formula is...

Let me tell you how I stumbled across this illuminating insight.

Back in 2015 I was teaching people how to trade in the currency markets.

And while I was doing well, I was not doing as well as I was hoping to do.

So I thought I would go to my online business mentor, the great Frank Kern (yes...'THE' Frank Kern), and ask his advice.

He gave me one piece of advice that still rings in my ear to this very day.

He Said:

"Show them the #1 trick in the business. The old...Show them that you can help them, by actually helping them trick."

I was floored by this response.

Not because I understood the gravity, meaning, or simplicity of what he said, but because I didn't.

I thought that he believed I wasn't actually helping them. And was making a jab at me somehow.

Days later after wallowing in my own stupidity, It hit me what he meant.

I wasn't truly helping my audience out.

I was teasing them with information and then IF they wanted real help and were willing to pay for it, I would THEN actually help them.

But only after money changed hands.

I was silently horrified at myself and swore to change it.

Within a week I had completely changed the way I was doing things.

And a few weeks after I had hit record high numbers of people signing up for my courses.

And just a few months after that, I visualized and wrote this success formula down on my whiteboard.

R + C + T + Cy = Your Success

Ok, now that you know the formula, this blog post is finished. See ya next time...
Just kidding.

Seriously though, before I unpack all of this goodness, go ahead and actually write this formula down somewhere.

Do it, I'll wait.
Ok Let's do this.

R = (Getting your customers) Results

This is far and away the #1 thing you MUST achieve if you ever want a hope of your business being successful.

I hate to tell you this, but people don't give a crap about consuming your videos, blog post, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok content, unless it in someway helps them in their life.

Not even your family.

Think about all the content you fly past every single day while scrolling in your feed because that content isn't bringing you some sort of benefit to your life at the moment.

THOUSANDS of posts probably.

BUT, if you were constantly getting REAL results from one persons' videos, or posts....I bet you anything that you would stop on a dime to consume it.

The difference between someone that makes it in building their online businesses, (or any for that fact), and others, are the ones that are getting people results.


You have to get your audience results, even BEFORE money ever changes hands.

These do not need to be huge results, but results nonetheless.

Now I am not saying that you need to give the entire farm away.

But you do need to help them.

Which brings us to our next part...

C = Content... to Help People Overcome Challenges

Now this is where we really start making a difference.

This is where you create content with the sole purpose of helping out your audience.

You are creating content in order to get them a certain result.

Doh...there's that word again.

It's there for a reason.


Anytime you write a blog post...

Anytime you do a video for YouTube...


You NEED to be helping your audience solve ONE specific challenge or problem that they are having.

Try not to solve too many in any one piece of content.

More than that and it will lead to confusion and they won't see change.

Trust me on this.

I have made this mistake too many times to count.

T = Time

If and when you start producing content, you WILL have to do it for a while before you start seeing real growth.

I have seen too many times to count, someone start putting content out and within a month stop due to not seeing any huge changes or income.

Especially income.

If they are not a multi-millionaire by weeks end, they say "this stuff doesn't work" and then they go and quit.

Then blame everything and everyone else for it "not working".

You need to give it TIME.

You might be asking "how long?" Right?

Well to be perfectly honest, I have no idea.

Everyone and every niche is completely different.

What you put out, how you put it out, the quality of your content, how you market, etc. It all makes a difference.

If you put a blog post out daily, but you are not sharing it and marketing your blog, you simply won't grow. Even after 5 years of posting stuff daily.

But, if you only have 20 posts up, and you are marketing the hell out of it and trying to Kill Your Servers with Traffic, then you could make money in weeks.

But one of the biggest things is...

Cy = Consistency

You need to be consistent with putting content out.

You need to be consistent with putting content out.

You need to be consistent with putting content out.

I can understand life getting in the way. I really can.

Life got in the way for me recently where I couldn't continue publishing videos on YouTube anymore.

So I went ahead and switched to publishing other types of content like this blog and emails.

Something I could do even though parts of my life were keeping me from everything else.

If you ever want a hope of being successful making money online, you need to continue to publish content and help people. Period.

If life gets in the way, maybe you need to pivot your strategy like I did.

But you have to continue to do it no matter what.

Be consistent.


So there you have it, the formula to end all formulas.

In essence...

Get people results by publishing content consistently over a long period in time.

If you can do this, and people enjoy your content, you can't help but make money.

Until Next time,
Karma Cashflow

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