Making Money Online Can Be Tough

6 Years......

Yes, six years....that's how long it took me to make any amount of money online after I had already started trying to make money online.

SIX Years!!!!

Making money online is a HUGE journey that can take a long while of very hard work in order to see any profits.

MOST Guru's out there will never tell you this.

They want you to believe you can make it happen in a weekend. Give you their money and they will show you how to make thousands by Friday.


I can say this....IF you have a mentor that is really willing to help you out, that has been in your shoes AND has made a ton of money online, then yes you *might* be able to make money in a few weeks.

If you have purchased a really good course, like my Perfect Customer Engine course, you can greatly cut down on the timeframe it will take you.

BUT, if you are doing this on your own, getting all your information from YouTube, forums, and such, and trying to not spend any money, it will take you forever.

No matter what avenue you take...


Guided Course or Membership where you learn at your own pace....

Or Learn Completely On your own....

Making money consistently online WILL take you some time.

And a whole lot of patience to boot.


When I first started trying to make money online, I was following some very good advice (or so I thought) to the letter.

I followed everything this gentleman said to do in his course.

But I made no money from it.

So I started following someone else.

Purchased their course, and did what they said to do.

Still nothing.

I followed everyone back then. Trying everything under the sun to just make a freaking penny online.


I was heartbroken.

At the time, we were living in Belize where I was teaching the Belizian police and military in bladed warfare under government contract.

So while I had a job, I wanted to also grow my own business where I could make money from anywhere in the world.

But nothing I did worked out.

I was seeing everyone and their mothers making money online. But for some reason I couldn't seem to connect the dots and do it myself.

Then something magical happened...

I saw a video from a man that would forever change my life (More about him in a minute).

This video was covering a type of product & marketing that I had already tried before (and didn't work for me).....but he did it a bit differently.

I instantly got super excited.

I HAD TO give this a try.

Busted my butt for the next few weeks and one day I wake up to an email saying I had sold something.

I thought to myself "This can't be right. This is a mistake or something".

So I logged into my system and saw it.

My first sale.

$5.68  😮

I was dumbfounded.

Literally jumping up and down in excitement.

It may not be a ton of money, but at that point I KNEW it was possible.

I knew it was possible FOR ME.  ⬅️

That night I took my wife out to dinner to celebrate and told her I had big plans.

She was happy to see me so happy. 😁

The next day came, and around 4 o'clock, I made yet another sale.

Within the first week I had made over 15 sales.

Wasn't much. Not even a hundred bucks. but it was something.

So I decided to look up the man from the video.

His name was Frank Kern.

Yes...THE Frank Kern.

I got Frank's courses and actually emailed Frank back and forth for a while.

He was so super nice and was willing to help me any way he could.

From that point, I told myself, anything this man tells me, I am going to do it.

And I did.

I have made a LOT of money listening to Frank. And usually lost money when I didn't.

He is awesome.

But to make a long story short, as you can see I struggled for a long time, and spend (probably) tens of thousands of dollars trying to make money online.

But I was persistent. I wasn't going to fail forever.

I WAS going to make money online.

Don't give Up

You got this.

You CAN do it. But it is tough.

Especially when you are in a tough, competitive niche.

But even then, you can do it.

Just keep pushing forwards.

Until Next Time,
Karma Cashflow

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Karma L. Senge has been in advertising, marketing and copywriting for over 20 years. He has built 7 companies into the 7 and 8-figures and loves sharing his knowledge of business, building endless streams of cashflow (passive income), money, productivity, marketing and advertising with others.

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