The ULTIMATE GUIDE To Finding Where Your Perfect Customers Are!

Before you go running off trying to make a huge course in your particular niche...

And before you go and spend a dime in advertising and marketing your thingamajig...

You BETTER know who your perfect customer is, AND where to find them.

A customer is NOT just a customer.

There are people that will buy from you, and then there are people that will buy from you over and over again, and tell all there friends about you.

Maybe even creating a mini-cult just to buy your stuff, pushing everyone they know to do it.


Think....Vegans... 😂

Anyways....In this post I am about to share some of my thoughts on how to find where your perfect avatar (perfect customer) is hiding.

Where they might hang out at...

What questions they might be asking. and more.

So let's get rollin.

Facebook Groups

Without a doubt, one of the first places I would consider looking for my perfect customer is over on Facebook.

There are over 620 MILLION groups on Facebook.

Do you think that 5 or 6 of them could possibly have your perfect customer?

I would think so.

In fact I would go as far to say that you could find hundreds of groups your perfect avatar would frequent.

This is also a great place to see the questions they are asking as well.

I know myself, I often will head to a Facebook Group to ask a question I have on whatever topic.

And if I do that, they will to.


Reddit is my number 2 pick for finding your customers.

Now I do not know what niche you are in, nor does it matter.

Your perfect paying clients are on there.

You might not even know what Reddit is.

Essentially, Reddit is a massive collection of forums where people can share news and content or just comment on other peoples posts.

Over 52 MILLION people are on Reddit daily.

And they spend on average over 10 minutes at a time on Reddit.

In over 2.8 MILLION sub-reddits (which are like groups).

And these sub-reddits range from language, and art, to news and memes.

Every single topic there is to talk about, is probably on there.

And your Ideal Customer is on there too.


YouTube is another great resource to finding where your perfect clients are.

Do you know eve a single person that does not frequent the countless videos over on YouTube.

Probably not.

I know I don't.

Even my dad, who is 80+ years old watches YouTube from his iPhone 12.

They are on there watching videos, asking questions, and making comments.

You can find them on there and jot down all the stuff they ask or talk about in a spreadsheet.

Which you should be developing as we speak.

Point is, find people in your own niche that are on YouTube, and I guarantee that you will quickly find your customers.


Blogs, like this one, are also a great way to find your customers.

Many blogs out there in your niche allow comments on their blog. And if they allow comments, there are bound to be people who would also like to buy your stuff too.

Did you know that according to Google, there are over 600 MILLION blogs on the ol' interwebs.

I have a list of over 1,100 blogs just in one of my niches alone.

Let alone the 6 other niches I have businesses in.

A total of over 5,000 blogs in just a few teeny tiny niches.

In your niche, whatever niche it is, there could potentially be tens of thousands of blogs.

And you know what.....your perfect customers are on them right now.

Action Steps

Now on to actually doing something...


Create a simple spreadsheet with 4-6 pages, and label each one the different platforms.

Then create columns for whatever information you want to keep.


Now go onto the platforms like Reddit for instance, and start logging all the sub-Reddit's people that might be your perfect avatar are spending there time at.

Log the exact URL's, the name of the group or blog or whatever, how many people are part of the group, etc.

Put all that into your spreadsheet.


Record comments and especially questions that people are asking in your niche.

While at the beginning you might not be able to answer them, they can be good for topics to talk about later.


Look for links that people are posting to other sites that could potentially lead you to finding more of your targeted customers.


Analyze the data and find the best places your peeps are at.

With all these places you have just found, there are going to be a few or more that really stick out.

And now you know EXACTLY where to target them.


Finding your customers is not that complicated.

It is simple, but no one is saying it will be 'easy'.

Not by any means.

It will take you a long time to find all the places they are hiding.

ANY type of congregation of like minded people, online or offline, is potentially where your dream customers are at.

Now go out and find them.

Until Next Time.
Karma Cashflow

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