Questions Your Target Market Might Be Asking

Here is a super short post, but VERY valuable. 😁

There are a LOT of questions that I always ask myself.

Sometimes it is something like "how do I get people to understand that I have a solution to their problems?".

Other times something completely different. But I am always asking questions.

And I think to myself "If I am always asking questions, then most likely my audience is asking questions as well."

And this is 100% true.

We are always asking questions. Even you.

But how do you know WHAT questions your perfect customers are asking?

Yes you can go scour the internet looking for these questions.

Going to places like Facebook and more like I talked about in my recent blog post "The ULTIMATE GUIDE To Finding Where Your Perfect Customers Are!".

But here is another source you should check out too.


QUORA is a fantastic website for you to see all the questions people are asking in your niche.

There are millions and millions of questions that people are asking on there.

It is literally what the site is for. ⬅️

And I bet you can find people in your niche asking questions that you can answer.

This is a great way to find problems that you can solve.

I use Quora all the time. Literally 4-5 times per week.

I want to know the most pressing questions my audience is asking.

Then I can go and make videos, blog posts, podcast episodes to answer them.

And if the topic is big enough, I can even create a course about it, or even a whole new company.

Like I always NEED to know EVERYTHING about your customers.

If your target market is asking questions about _________

....then you better get to answering it asap.

So now let me ask you this....

➡️ What questions do YOU have about market research?

➡️ What challenges are you facing trying to uncover and find YOUR Perfcet Customer?

Let me know in the comments below. I will answer you personally. 😉

Until Next Time,
Karma Cashflow

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