Direct Selling vs Indirect Selling

One thing is for need to make sure that every single thing you write, video you produce, or podcast you make, is either directly or indirectly going to make you sales.

We are in BUSINESS after all.

Our goal in our businesses are 3-fold...

1. Find challenges and problems to solve
2. Help our customers (and even non-customers) solve those problems.
3. Make money doing so.

So while we need to help our audience, we still need to make money, otherwise we will be out of business and won't be able to help others.

So EVERYTHING we produce needs to, in some way, make us money.

Plain and simple.

And you know what.....there is nothing wrong with making money.

Tangent Time

There are so many people out there trying to start a business that HATE "selling".

But let me ask you this...What is wrong with selling exactly?

Is it you don't believe in your product or service?

Because if that is the case, then you need to go back to the drawing board and make it so amazing that you actually believe in it.

Think you have to be sleezy to sell?

Most people think you have to be a low down sleeze-ball car salesman to "sell" something.

But you don't.

Selling is not about coercion, sleezy tactics, manipulation or anything negative.

It is 100% trying to show someone that you have what they are looking for.

(Even if they were previously unaware)

It is a transfer of emotions.

Do you believe you have to be AGGRESSIVE?

I hope not.

Aggressive sales tactics might work for someone in the shirt term. But you will quickly become known for it and your business will fall apart right before your eyes.

No need for any of that. But...

If you have anything to is your duty to let everyone in the world (that needs your stuff) know about it.

You are doing them a massive injustice for holding back and not sharing your stuff with them.

Selling is a good thing. It helps people.

Ok...Now...back to the discussion.

So like I was saying earlier, you need to be directly selling or indirectly selling in every piece of content you produce.

But what's the difference between the two?

Let's start off with Direct Selling because that one is easy.

Direct Selling

Direct Selling Is just that, you are getting straight to the point and selling.

This could be a sales page, or a video sales letter.

It could be a webinar that you have invited people to watch.

Or the final day at a live event where you are pitching something.

But the point of it all is to SELL.

(OMG, it's that word again...eeek 😬)

In this type of content it is only meant to sell whatever it is you are trying to sell.

You are not there to give a full out teaching on a topic.

Sell and answers objections. That's pretty much it.

Indirect Selling

Now Indirect Selling is completely different than Direct Selling.....but yet still the same. hmmm 🤔

If you find yourself posting content (literally anything) and you don’t know why you’re writing it, where it will go, or how it will make you money, then you have a big problem.

Just throwing another blog post up randomly or popping yet another newsletter or email in your queue isn’t being purposeful.

Everything you post should be meaningful and lead in some way to a sale.

If you want to make money, you have to be purposeful.

Have a plan. ✅

You should think to yourself something like...

"This next series of blog posts will discuss the benefits of XYZ and the reasons my audience should be doing BLANK"

Then every one of those blog posts share a piece of the puzzle without giving 100% of the puzzle away and should lead someone to a solution that you have (or know about).

Let's say you have a course on photography.

And you decide that the next 6 blog posts and emails will be a series on composition and the importance of taking a great first shot.

These blog posts are meant to be super informative and guide people to the conclusion that your course is what they need in order to learn all the details and nuances of compositioning.


These posts, or emails, or whatever, have a purpose.

Not just randomness.

Until Next time,
Karma Cashflow

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