I would say the majority of people that try and make any amount of income make one very big mistake. And that is they try and make some money, and then that doesn't work out (according to their time-frames and expectations), they try and find something else.

Then they start that.....get the same outcome.....and move on to another thing to try.

They never get GOOD at one thing.... Just mediocre at a few.

Then more than not, they give up entirely, and blame it on something other them themselves.

The market was not right....

You have to spend thousands on advertising or it doesn't work.....

I don't have the right tools....

You have to be famous for this to work.... etc..

What you need to know is that there is a 3 step process to making money online.

You Need to Learn FIRST.

Yes, you need to learn a method to making money online that is legitimate and complete. Only after you learn


Without action, a dream or plan means nothing. You have to take action like your life literally depends on it. Or in my eyes, the life of my family members. 

This gives me the drive to do what is needed. It helps to put me in the right frame of mind.

You Need To Persevere

This is what gets most people. Most people have no problem starting things and taking some amount of action. But when the going gets tough, most people bail.

Don't be one of those people. I know you can do this. It's not complicated. What we are doing is not rocket science.

No matter what life is throwing at up. You got this.

And then once you get this new venture up and running. Only then is it a good time to start something new.

So listen....IF you can make the commitment, take action and persevere through building either an online course, a membership site, or doing affiliate marketing, you WILL get the life you want and deserve.

I've sprinkled a number of gems within what I've written here. Read and reread these pages a few times and let everything I've said, sink in.

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