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This is part 2 of our 9 ways to make passive income online so if you haven't seen the previous video CLICK HERE.And while you watch that...I'll just wait right here.No really.....go watch.Ok, so for those and only those that have watched the previous video where I cover the first 3 ways, let's move right into number four.Books & EbooksWhen I first got into online businesses, one of the

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So a lot of people out there, maybe even you, don't believe that THEY personally can make cashflow (or recurring Income, or passive income) online. They try and try and try, but nothing happens.And let me tell you, that's.......partially true.The average Joe is not going to make any money online for the simple fact that they either don't try hard enough and persevere long enough. Or simply doesn't understand

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Whenever you see on the internet, someone promising you you can earn passive income with little to no effort, You are being lied to. You are being scammed.Passive income isn't always passive. In fact, I don't think it's real at all really.Let's take an example of real estate for instance, because that's an example that a lot of people use.There is a lot of work in just acquiring the

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Blogging in general and the way most people have been doing it, is dead. That's just the very harsh reality of things. The way they are continuing to do things is simply irrelevant. I promise you this, if you continue to do things the old way, your blog is going to die a very painful and slow death.You see, people have been saying blogging is dead for the past

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So the idea for this post is on why I chose the word (s) “Cashflow” instead of saying “Passive Income”. To me, the idea behind the term passive income is that you don't really have to work for it. You can sleep your heart away every single day and money just keeps rolling in. Maybe you found a push button system that magically gives you money over the rest

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