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One thing is for need to make sure that every single thing you write, video you produce, or podcast you make, is either directly or indirectly going to make you sales. We are in BUSINESS after all.Our goal in our businesses are 3-fold...1. Find challenges and problems to solve2. Help our customers (and even non-customers) solve those problems.3. Make money doing so.So while we need to help our

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Here is a super short post, but VERY valuable. 😁There are a LOT of questions that I always ask myself.Sometimes it is something like "how do I get people to understand that I have a solution to their problems?".Other times something completely different. But I am always asking questions.And I think to myself "If I am always asking questions, then most likely my audience is asking questions as well."And

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Businesses thrive when those who operate them wake up every day thinking about the customer experience as it related to their interactions with their company. That drive and ability to remain focused on something so specific is what helps to make a company successful. These days, getting customers to appreciate the efforts you are making is even more challenging than ever before.  The Perfect Customer is out there for

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I see a ton of people constantly obsessing over how to get more followers, more subscribers, and more traffic in general.They believe that the more attention they get, the more sales they will make. And while that is partially true, it is not the whole truth.I once believed that to be the case as well.Back when I was first in online marketing, I too thought that the more people

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When it comes to selling, you have to know, without a doubt, everything about your target market.No one is denying that fact.But generally speaking, MOST entrepreneurs only focus on one area of market research. And that's it.They go out of their way to find out things like..The target market's:AgeGenderRaceLocationIncomeSchoolingReligionEtc.This type of data is called Demographics.Demographics refers to statistical data (age, gender, income, etc.) collected for a particular population.And while

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6 Years......Yes, six years....that's how long it took me to make any amount of money online after I had already started trying to make money online.SIX Years!!!!Making money online is a HUGE journey that can take a long while of very hard work in order to see any profits.MOST Guru's out there will never tell you this.They want you to believe you can make it happen in a weekend.

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