❗️ NOTE: This is an archive of my Relentless Cashflow Newsletter from Tuesday, November 24 (2020). It’s been lightly edited.

Hey Friend,

So in Friday's email I had mentioned that there are just 6 huge fundamental problems that people face when they are trying to make money online.

I spoke about my big issue when I first started and that was about trying to figure out what I wanted to do online.

That is big challenge #1

Choosing Your Business Model

It doesn’t matter how good your marketing and advertising is...if you are all over the place with your business because you have no idea what model you are using, then you are not going to make money.


So the first step really is to choose which model you need.

The first model I always recommend to people just starting out online is a super simple model to get up and running.

Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is simply marketing someone else’s product, service, or whatever and you take a small commission (at no cost to the customer).

Simple, right?

So it works like this....

You find a market that has a problem, and then you find a service (or product) that fixes that issue.

You then market that service to the people you know could use it.

If the customer likes that offer, they go get it and then the company sends you your commission for the sale of that thingamajig.


NOT EASY........but simple.

And the second business model I recommend to make a nice chunk of change online is:

Online EVERGREEN Courses

Notice I say the word Evergreen in that.

If you are going to sell information, you don’t want that information to be something that will be useless in a years time.

You want to be able to sell that information for a very VERY long time.

Your course could be on nearly any topic and in any niche.

Even if you say, “a course could never work in my niche”....I bet you are wrong.

I would even go as far as to say that there are people in your niche selling courses exactly like yours.

And that is fine.

They are not YOU.

They don’t have your experiences and your personality.

People will buy your course, because....well...it’s you.

I remember when I first started selling my first course.

I thought no one would buy it because I had a massive case of imposter syndrome.

Why would anyone buy from me? Who am I to be teaching this stuff?

etc, etc...

But you know what, within the first 30 days, I had sold 18 courses to people.

Now that might not seem like a lot to some.

But the course was selling for $399 each, making me $7,182 in a single month.

What could you do with an extra $7,000?

Would that change your life in any way?

I know it did mine.

You see, there are many...MANY ways to make money online.

But you have to choose SOMETHING.

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling Online Evergreen Courses
  • Membership Websites
  • Whatever

Choose something and then go all out with it.

In tomorrows email I will go over the next 2 Major challenges most people face when trying to make money online.

And one of them is the biggest killer of all online entrepreneurs and online businesses in general.

If you don’t get this one thing right, you WILL fail. ←

See you tomorrow.

Karma “Focus on One Thing” Cashflow


Have you even noticed how I use story telling in my emails?

Using stories in emails can quite literally mean the difference between selling nothing and selling a lot.

We use stories to connect with our audience.

We use stories to make points you just can’t get from stating facts and figures.

But most importantly, we use it to build the relationship with our audience.

Having people on our email list is NOT just about making money.

It is about HELPING others achieve results and overcome challenges.

You are there to be their trusted friend and mentor in whatever niche you are in.

Guiding them through their turbulence and rerouting them where they need it.

If you are not using stories in your emails, and just trying to use copywriting to make a sale of some sort, you are missing the boat.