❗️ NOTE: This is an archive of my Relentless Cashflow Newsletter from Wednesday, November 25 (2020). It’s been lightly edited.

Hey Friend,

As I am writing this it is 4:38am (yes in the morning).

I couldn’t sleep last night, and apparently neither could my wife.

I wake up early normally, but not usually this early. Normally around 5am is when I wake up.

But I have a ton of things on my mind today.

Then, on Friday through midnight Monday (PST), I'll be opening enrollment for the Cashflow Engine Course and our Officers Academy coaching membership.

So much to do.


So in yesterdays email I talked about one of the big challenges was finding, understanding and executing on a business model.

If you have not read yesterdays email, you can read that here.

Today I wanted to cover another issue.

And this issue is one of the biggest challenges that plagues those that want to make money online.

In fact, if you don’t get this ONE THING correct, you will NOT make that much money online, no matter what your marketing and advertising looks like.

Your copywriting skills could be the greatest in the world, but again, if this one thing isn’t right, no money will flow.

So what is this magical mystery item that we need in order to make a metric ton of money?

It’s Your OFFER!

If you don't have an amazing and irresistible offer, you are not going to sell squat.

But the thing is, your offer has to be irresistible.

You have to bring an extraordinary value to the table.

And I am not talking about adding more "stuff" here either.

For instance,

I am not saying that if you have a course to sell, you have to offer,

  • free 1-on-1 privates along with that,
  • and do live streaming,
  • have 40 thousand hours of content,
  • 200 downloadable pdf's
  • and offer a mastermind at no additional charge.

Yes that is something you could do to try and provide more value, but that may or may not be necessary.

People do NOT want MORE.

Re-read that sentence again...

Even if they tell you that they want more, their wallets vote the exact opposite. And that is the ONLY vote that actually counts.

So what DO people want then?

People want the RESULT.

Not the amount of content or whatever.

People want their result, and they want it FAST!

To them, that is what truly matters.

The better the result you can give them in the least amount of time, the better your product is.

If it normally takes 6 months to get a result and you come out with a course that gets them a better result in only 3 months, THAT is going to be better.

And therefore the offer you can provide them will be greater.

Does that make sense?

So your offer needs to be all about the results. Not the stuff.

Btw....this offer could be your products/services, or even an affiliate product.

Doesn’t matter.

Once you have your Business Model and your Offer down, then you face the next issue....


Yes, in order to sell something, you need to have traffic to your thingmajig.

This could be traffic coming from advertising, or a blog post you wrote on someone else’s blog.

Or even a post you shared over on the interwebbs somewhere (like Facebook).

Doesn’t matter.

My all-time favorite place to get traffic from is my email list.

If I am going to SELL something, the only people I let know of my products, courses or whatever, is my email list.

I normally do not drive traffic from ads to my offers. (Except in cases of certain affiliate offers, more on this later)

But I first need to drive traffic to build my email list don’t I?

In tomorrows email, I will talk about exactly the best ways to drive traffic and Engagement, as well as let you in on a secret ninja hack for getting the best...


You know, the “But how do I get them to ACTUALLY buy my stuff” thing. ;)

Until tomorrow..

Karma “Make Great Offers” Cashflow

P.S. Just a few days now before the Black Friday open of my Cashflow Engine course and membership.

I don’t thing I have ever been this excited before about a course of mine.

But I know how much I am bringing to the table and how much it is going to help you.

So get ready. : )