Perfect Customer Engine Series

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Hey it's Karma,

First off, welcome to this foundational series called the Perfect Customer Engine Series. I hope you choose to stay around.

There is a huge payoff in the end if you do.

I'm going to take you on an amazing journey through how I view marketing and selling. And how I personally believe you can make more sales.

Much more sales.

The ideas and insights in this series underpin pretty much everything I do and am about.

I can't wait to share these insights with you.

So..Welcome to our Perfect Customer Engine Series.

Now our entire philosophy STARTS with knowing your customer better than anyone else…and caring about them more than anyone else…so that it becomes impossible for them to do business with anyone else.

If you are able to know more about your customers than your competition, you win.

You Don't Have To "Sell" To Make Sales

This is one of my ultimate guiding principles of doing business.

I DO NOT sell.

Not in the way most people think of selling anyways.

When most people conjure an image in their minds of sales, sleezy, creepy used car salesmen, or tele-sales people come to mind.

And there is a very good reason for that.

Most sales people truly believe that they have to be that way in order to make sales.

But that is not the case.

They only believe that because that is how they have been taught.

But there is another way. A better way.

I call it "RBT". Relationships Before Transactions.

The term itself I did not make up. Relationships before transactions I learned by consuming content by one of my mentors Andre Chaperon.

Which he has talked about this concept many times throughout his writing and emails.

The idea is this...create a long lasting relationship with your audience and have a type of fiduciary responsibility to them.

Treat your audience like customers, even before money changes hands.

If you are out there helping people solve problems in their lives, or helping them achieve some result, and you are doing it in a kind, helpful way without always asking for something in return, you will create Superfans.

And if you can create Superfans, then there is no need for any hard selling of any sort.

People will willingly buy anything you throw their way as long as you have earned their trust. If you have built that relationship well. And it meets their current needs.

No high pressure sales tactics needed.


You could send out one single email to your list and make millions potentially.

I have seen it done time and time again in my business and in others'.

Modern Marketing For 2022

Pushy sales funnels are dead.

Pushy anything is dead.

We need a change in the way business owners and marketers do things.

Pulling a prospect towards you, capturing their attention to the point they can't stop reading (or watching), is a thousand times better than pushing them to do something.

Todays marketers throw a person onto a landing page with the "promise" that they will get something of value IF they give them their email.

A free PDF, a "mini-course", a super secret thingamajig, etc.

Always a promise before actually giving them anything.

The customer is taking all the risk there. And a ton of it.

Then once the unsuspecting person gives them their contact information, they are sent to a sales page trying to sell them, most likely, a low priced offer.

Just to rake in some money.

After all, they need to recoup their money from all their ads they are spending money on.

Then once on their email list, they are throat-punched over and over again with offer after offer.

Affiliate offers, their own offers, and more.

A relentless attack on their wallet.

We need some reform.

Let's look at an alternative way we might do things in the future.

First it starts (of course) with understanding your target market.

Then, whether it is driving ads or some organic method of attracting your audience, you drive them to a page that talks to them like a real human being.

Giving them advice and insights.

Helping them and providing value....without asking for something upfront first.

Then, if they decide to join your email list, you thank them and start sending them emails.

The first series of emails is all about providing value. No selling at all.

Once they are out of that email series, the next guessed it, helps them, gives them insights, and provides a ton of value.

On and on it goes.

In your emails past the first series of emails, you might say something like:

"And I also teach this in my course "blah blah course", if you would like to learn a bit more about it, click here."

And ONLY those people that clicked the link would get those emails.

And here is the cool part..

Those emails....are also filled with value.

Yes those emails might talk about your product a bit, but its not hard selling.

In fact, I do my best to try and persuade people not to buy my course or whatever it is.

I only want the people that it can really help to purchase.

But I still provide a ton of value even if they don't purchase.

I treat them like a customer....even if they are not. Period.

I go into this concept a lot more in my emails.

This email series will provide you with a ton of insights on how to understand your customers, and make more sales than you ever thought possible.

All without any hard sales pitches or anything like that.

The next step is for you to take.

If you want to come on this journey with me, just sign up below.

I only promise value and to honor your commitment and you and never coerce you or manipulate you into buying anything.


See you in your inbox.

BTW...My beliefs are based on 100% value-first. So you will never be coerced or manipulated into buying anything.

Karma Cashflow