DO NOT Keep Reading Unless…

…you want to double, triple or even quadruple your business income in the next 63-Days.

Dear Friend,

If you want to be able to implement your online passive income business ideas and systems quickly and have the absolute best marketing advice under the sun, that will give you the power to get your customers to say YES! “at will” nearly every single time you contact them...

...then this might be the most important letter you ever read.


Please understand my results are not typical. 

I’m not even remotely implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter).

In fact, the average person who buys any “how to” information gets little to no results. 

I’m using these references for example purposes only.

Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic.

All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action.

If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT CONTINUE READING.

With that said … let me jump right in and show you exactly what you are getting...

Hi, I'm Karma (& that's my wife Beth)

And I teach all about how to build Passive Income (Cashflow) online.

I have been in business in general for well over 20 years, and building endless streams of passive income has been my #1 priority the entire time.

I have also been making money online for nearly 11 years and have had over a dozen super successful companies.


Here’s the deal:

I have created an online training system that walks you through, step-by-step how to build streams of Passive Income online. 

And to market your business and get your business systems off the ground and set up at speeds only “The Flash” could think of.

This training is unlike ANY training course you’ve ever seen.

There’s no fluff or filler whatsoever.

Just hardcore battle-tested systems, principles and tactics that are working right now.

I call this course and training the

"The Cashflow Engine".

My goal for you is for you to be able to go through the training and in every single video, audio, pdf or what-have-you, you are able to implement what is being taught FAST.

If you know me, or know about me at all, you know I am all about implementation.

I have been known to get a months worth of work done in only 3 hours due, to the systems and frameworks I have developed…

…Which I want to give to you.

And It’s About More Than Just Implementation.

In this online course and membership, I cover many aspects of business besides just implementing.

What We Will Cover:

  • Basic Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Email Marketing
  • Paid Advertising
  • Free Advertising
  • Content Creation
  • Creating and Running Webinars
  • Advanced Automation
  • Course Creation
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Building Membership sites
  • and so much more

Frankly, if you do this right, you can see incredible results practically overnight and at will.

Here are some things you will learn inside the course.

  • How to accomplish more in 9 weeks than most do in 2 YEARS.
  • Why listening to so called "Goo-Roos" will land you in trouble with the government. (This actually happened to a friend of mine)
  • Why you NEED your own website and not a monthly funnel builder software. (And how using the popular funnel builders can wipe out your entire business)
  • The 18 Steps to making and selling a course, that the gurus wont ever talk about.
  • How using the words "Free" or "New" will instantly get your email tossed into the trash. (This goes against everything most marketers tell you).
  • How to "assemble" ads that will make people jump through hoops to know exactly what you are selling.
  • Why getting bad feedback and nasty emails is actually a really good thing. (And how you can turn those to your advantage)
  • How you can get profitable in weeks, not months or years with just 1 trick I learned from a Buddhist monk in Tibet.
  • Where to find the juiciest market out there for you to rake in money by solving their problem.
  • How to Know without any doubt if your market will buy your product...even before you create it.
  • How to make yourself the 600 pound gorilla in your market that everyone else tries to catch up to.
  • The WORST Time to send an email (Most people do this, which means more money for you)
  • 5 simple steps to getting your emails opened, read and your links clicked.
  • Why only working less than an hour per day works better than 10 hours per day.
  • Exactly how many email to send before asking for the sale. (This can be done in a broadcast or autoresponder)
  • How a simple Rubik’s cube can be your best friend in helping make business decisions (I use this daily)
  • How to utilize resources you never even knew existed to crank up your profits fast.
  • How to quickly build a list, even if it is in a brand new market that you have never been in before. (I did this and got over 50,000 contacts in less than 6 months)
  • How to quickly analyze your numbers to know if something is working or not. (Most marketers don’t even know how to do this)
  • How to use your every day life story to write the best emails and sales letters anyone has ever seen.
  • How to overcome any objection easily without being decitful, or dishonest (even before it comes up in your customers minds)
  • Why selling your product BEFORE you create it will get you more sells than if you do it in reverse.
  • Why testing small changes in your copy is a terrible idea, and what you can do instead to get much better results.
  • 20+ ways to write bullet points that get people interested in what you are selling.
  • Super clever ways to reduce and nearly avoid spam complaints and people from unsubscribing.
  • The 10 plugins you absolutely have to have on your website, if you want to be profitable.
  • The “CIA level secret" to getting in the heads of your customers to know what they want to buy, before they know.
  • How to make your engagement erupt like a never-ending volcanic explosion.
  • The best ways to trigger an ongoing stream of almost unfair new leads. (WITHOUT spending a single dime in ad cost).
  • The Worlds simplest funnel design. (This funnel consistently outsells nearly all others. Even those from big name marketers)
  • What to do if and when your plan falls apart on you and you start losing more money than you are making.

You’re right…that is a lot of stuff you’ll be learning. And it’s really just the tip of the iceberg.


Yes…we are still not done yet...

On top of all the material that is found within the course, you are also going to gain access to our Q&A webinars that we host LIVE every single week.

You can’t ask for anything more…

But I want to give you more.

When you get in to the course,  I am also giving you access to our private "Officers Academy" Members ONLY group for the next 30-days as well.

This is where you can interact with other marketers and entrepreneurs. Ask questions, share and even help out other members.

This is probably my favorite part of the Officers Academy.

The Officers Academy also includes:

  • Live Daily Training (Held 4 times per week)
  • Monthly Hotseats (Website Reviews, YouTube Channel Reviews, Sales letter / VSL Reviews)
  • Access to our Mini-Course Library
  • Weekly Office Hours Sessions
  • Access to all archives
  • Weekly Challenges
  • Live Events
  • And so much more...

Excellence Unparalleled

" Karma is one of the most dedicated, hard-working people I know.

His pure commitment to excellence is unparalleled and an inspiration to be around. He's a sponge for knowledge and will help guid you in the right direction your business needs to go"

Joey Ragona
Master of Marketing

Karma has taught me so very much.

My podcast and Youtube channel have grown exponentially due to the advice I have gotten from him.

Very glad to know Karma.

Martin Hewlett
Calming Anxiety Podcast Host

Just the customer research section of the course is worth whatever the course costs


Wow, what an epic course. I just started going through it and have learned more in the first 2 videos than most courses teach in their entirety. Karma knows his stuff and delivers the information really really well.

Josh Smith

Karma is so cool, and the way he is able to break things down so even I can understand it is amazing.

I have learned so much from him, and he is so down to earth. One thing he is teaching me a lot is implementation. I love it.

Eddie Sand

Here’s What To Do Next

The “cost” of all this training is just $699 $369 (For Now), and you get instant access to the course within minutes after you sign up.

PLUS get Free LIFETIME UPDATES to the course.

And if after the 30-Days of the Officers Academy membership you want to continue, then it is just $97/month.

And one of the best things is that you can access the content from anywhere, and on any device.

No more paying thousands of dollars or even tens of thousands of dollars for this training.

Most “guru’s” out there would have you paying $2000+ for only pieces of the puzzle…

Oh, and in case you are wondering….


I realize this is very inexpensive.

So you might be wondering what the “catch” is.

Well, there is no “hidden fees” or shenanigans here. Only amazing content and a price everyone can afford.

I am putting my best foot forward here…and I’ll tell you why.

I am doing this because:

  1. I am sick and tired of “Goo-roos” taking advantage of people by charging them thousands for a fraction of the information you get in this course.

  2. I look for my private coaching clients from within the group.

So this is a win-win situation for all.

You win by getting the best content, and I win by being able to look for my perfect coaching clients from within the Officers Academy.

And if you are asking yourself, can you do this…you bet you can.

In fact, My 9-year old daughter “Lilly” is using my methods to start her own online business. And she is already making money.

And my brother, who has failed at nearly every business he has started is finally making consistent revenue using these exact methods.

So it doesn’t matter where you are starting from….

...Starting off not knowing anything....we can help with that.

...Starting off in a business that is failing....fantastic, we got you covered.

…Starting off fresh with a new business idea, couldn’t be better.

No matter where you are, we can help.



I am making this offer with the idea that you will be so impressed with what I am offering, that you will stay with me in the Officers Academy for a very long time.

So I am offering you a price here that you will NEVER get again.

And that is not a BS “Goo-roo” promise that won’t hold up.

Once this offer is gone…it’s gone.


There are no refunds on subscriptions, or even a guarantee.

Life NEVER gives you a guarantee. But you do whatever it is anyways.

I can not guarantee that you will actually do what I suggest in the course or membership.

And I am not going to appease the bottom feeders with refund guarantees or any such nonsense like that.

If you are the type that REALLY wants to work hard and make your business a success, you will be fine without a guarantee.

If you are the type that needs one, don’t get the course. Simple as that.

Now, I will say that there are absolutely no contracts with the membership, and you can cancel at any time.

Fact of the matter is, this offer is not for everyone.

Only those wanting to make their business a success.


And for those looking to jump on board now during this promotion and get the course and join the Officers Academy, I am going to include a second bonus here.

For those that act quickly and get in on this offer, I am going to throw in a FREE Private 1-on-1 with me personally.

Not my assistant, not a partner or student of mine…ME.

In this session we can go over any number of things you need to get down right then and there.

Just simply set up a call with me at your convenience, and get rolling faster than a speedster on speed.

So click the button below and give it a shot.

Like I said before, you have nothing to loose, and everything to gain.

No contracts and you can cancel at anytime.

Thanks so much for reading this, and I look forward to working with you soon.

Karma Cashflow

⬆ Let me have BOTH the Cashflow Engine Course with Lifetime Updates AND the FREE Trial of The Officers Academy Membership.

⬆ I can do this on my own. ?

P.S. In case you are one of those people (like me) who skip all the way down to the end of the letter, here’s the dealio:

I’m offering you a course, plus a continuing education program called the Officers Academy that is online, and self paced that can be accessed from anywhere and on any device.

This material covers everything from basic marketing, to copywriting, paid advertising (like Facebook Ads), free advertising, automation, software and other “tech” tools and so much more.

Everything you need in order to build an online business.

The “cost” of the course is just $699 $369. And you get access to our Officers Academy membership free for the next 30-days. After that it is just $97/month if you want to continue.

I’m also giving you access to our Q&A webinars that we hold every week LIVE, and even access to our Private Members Only community where you can discuss marketing with other great entrepreneurs.

This is a VERY Limited Offer…And once it’s gone, it’s gone.

I am doing this because I want to help you succeed and I want people who take action.

There is no “catch” to this offer except when it expires, it’s gone.

There are no contracts and you can cancel at anytime.

Click the Button Below and claim your spot in the course & community membership. 

You Wont Regret it.

⬆ Let me have BOTH the Cashflow Engine Course with Lifetime Updates AND the FREE Trial of The Officers Academy Membership.

⬆ I can do this on my own. ?