❗️ NOTE: This is an archive of my Relentless Cashflow Newsletter from Thursday, November 26 (2020). It’s been lightly edited.

This is the last of our email lessons for this series.

Tomorrow is Black Friday, so I’ll open up enrollment for my Cashflow Engine Course and membership (which will run through Cyber Monday) just before I jump on the flight home.

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Also, before we start, let me just say that I hope you are having a fantastic Thanksgiving.

Today I wanted to examine a bit more about Traffic & Engagement.

I do both of these a bit different than most do.

IF I am running any advertising, it is NOT going to be ads that go over to a single landing page like most marketers will advise you to do.

Even the “Best” marketers do this. But I have a Massive problem with this.

When people get to your landing page, the landing page doesn’t provide a single ounce of VALUE.

There is only a “promise” of value. And half the time, whatever they “get” for the exchange of contact info isn’t even worth it.

Driving traffic isn’t about just getting as many people on your list as possible.

It is about connecting and building a relationship with the right people.

In order to drive traffic properly you need to know WHO you are trying to talk to.

Then show them a message that connects with them and provide them value.

Not a “promise” of value.

And there are so many ways to drive traffic too.

  • Social Media Ads
  • Your YouTube channel
  • Pinterest
  • Guest blog posts
  • Doing interviews
  • Your Podcast
  • Other peoples podcasts
  • Google search
  • Etc.

But no matter how you drive traffic (paid or organic) it wont amount to anything if you don’t provide value and learn to really engage with your audience.

So by now you are probably asking yourself, “if Karma doesn’t use landing pages, what does he use?”.

I always try and send someone to what’s called a Presell Site.

A Presell Site is a great way to engage with your audience.

It is multiple pages designed to:

  1. Talk and provide value to our target audience.and
  2. Get rid of all the other people we don’t want to talk to.

So for me, I don’t want to talk to people that have a “Get Rich Quick” mentality. So I actively try and persuade these types of people to leave and go elsewhere in my messaging.

So in these pages I am talking to both people, trying to reshape pre-existing belief structures, provide a ton of value, and SHOW them that I can help them....by actually helping them.

Then on the very last page I simply ask them to fill in a simple form if they want more value from me.

On this last page, anyone that makes it to the last page, I get a 91%+ conversion rate.


How many marketers can say they get that high of a conversion rate on a single landing page?


And once they are on my list, I have an amazing engagement rate with my audience because I have targeted the RIGHT people to be there.

If I send out an email asking people to reply for whatever, I would say that around 40% of those people will reply.

My open rate itself hovers around 78%.

Which tells you that if you do things correctly, you will have great engagement from the traffic you worked so hard to get.

That’s all I have for today.

If you want to continue down this journey with me, watch out for the email tomorrow.

I’ll summarize my Black Friday offer, then open up for enrollment.

Hope you’ll join us.

If not, and that’s totally okay, I hope you got a bunch of insights from what i’ve already shared.

Until tomorrow.

Karma “All about Engagement” Cashflow


Happy Thanksgiving! ?


i've had a few emails about how much I’ll be charging for my course.

I'll reveal it tomorrow. Not because I want to hold back, but because the two of us (my wife and I) haven’t talked about that yet. (We’ve been having too much fun.)

You know me, I’m all about overdelivering.